About Ahavas Bais Yaakov High School


At Ahavas Bais Yaakov,

we are committed to providing an excellent education 

for today’s young Jewish women 



Dressing in a tznius manner conveys a true sense of confidence and self. Dressing, speaking, and acting in a tznius manner exemplifies our students’ pride as Bnos Yisrael. Students are expected to present a dignified, refined manner of demeanor and dress at all times, in complete accordance with halacha. Our uniform and dress code has been designed to adhere to the halachic guidelines of tznius as well as presenting a dignified and refined appearance. 

Digital Citizenship

Ahavas Bais Yaakov believes that the key to successfully raising a digital native is instilling a healthy relationship with technology, through a Torah perspective. Education on digital citizenship in the classroom and in the world will be an important aspect of Ahavas Bais Yaakov’s curriculum. In class, students will only have access to filtered computers. 

Technology is constantly changing. Cognizant of this fact, this topic will be an active, ongoing conversation with our parent body and rabbonim.