- Academics -

At Ahavas Bais Yaakov, we are committed to providing rigorous, engaging, integrated instruction in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements for a NY Regents diploma. In addition, we will be offering AP level and professional development classes. Our broad minded approach will nurture curiosity, confidence, and growth mindset skills to prepare our students for success beyond the classroom. We will achieve this by developing

and refining our strategic thinking skills, analytical skills, writing, and public speaking skills.

Classes will be conducted with a strong emphasis on developing textual skills. Students will be able to work with the sources independently and comfortably. Peer and group learning will be utilized, as well as project-based learning to launch the girls into the exhilarating world of Judaic studies research. Every class will be a spring-board to teach many foundational concepts in emunah, bitachon, and Ahavas Torah. 

Mrs. Shaindy Eisenberg, Hebrew Principal, 

Mrs. Eisenberg comes to Ahavas Bais Yaakov from the esteemed institutions of Manhattan High School and Bnos Chava seminary. She has formerly served as Mechaneches, Seminary guidance counselor, student life coordinator, head of student support, and teacher of multiple kodesh subjects. She is sought after for her mentoring and Torah based advice, long after her students leave her classroom. Mrs. Eisenberg holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University- Portland’s School of Education, and is consistently seeking innovative approaches to chinuch and the limudei kodesh curriculum. As a dynamic and experienced educator and public speaker, and having spent over a decade living in Eretz Yisrael and being involved in kiruv rechokim, Mrs. Eisenberg is continuing the family tradition of her grandmother, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. 

Mrs. Devorah Avrukin, General Studies Principal,

Mrs. Devorah Avrukin is a passionate 21st century educator, whose thought provoking classes view everything through the Jewish lens. Having spent the formative years of her career in the Silicon Valley, Mrs. Avrukin brings a perspective of innovation and positive disruption to education. She served as the Curriculum Innovation Coordinator at Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst, and has taught Regents and AP level classes. Mrs. Avrukin holds a Master's Degree in Innovative Education from Touro University and is currently working on her doctorate in education at Northeastern University.