- Faculty -

Mrs. Shaindy Eisenberg, Hebrew Principal, Neviim Achronim

Mrs. Eisenberg comes to Ahavas Bais Yaakov from the esteemed institutions of Manhattan High School and Bnos Chava seminary. She has formerly served as Mechaneches, Seminary guidance counselor, student life coordinator, head of student support, and teacher of multiple kodesh subjects. She is sought after for her mentoring and Torah based advice, long after her students leave her classroom. Mrs. Eisenberg holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University- Portland’s School of Education, and is consistently seeking innovative approaches to chinuch and the limudei kodesh curriculum. As a dynamic and experienced educator and public speaker, and having spent over a decade living in Eretz Yisrael and being involved in kiruv rechokim, Mrs. Eisenberg is continuing the family tradition of her grandmother, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.

Mrs. Devorah Avrukin, General Studies Principal, English, Computer Science, Robotics

Mrs. Devorah Avrukin is a passionate 21st century educator, whose thought provoking classes view everything through the Jewish lens. Having spent the formative years of her career in the Silicon Valley, Mrs. Avrukin brings a perspective of innovation and positive disruption to education. She served as the Curriculum Innovation Coordinator at Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst, and has taught Regents and AP level classes. Mrs. Avrukin holds a Master's Degree in Innovative Education from Touro University and is currently working on her doctorate in education at Northeastern University.

Rabbi Yaakov Pascal, Halacha

A musmach of Beis Medrash Govoha and hailing from the great Yeshivas Brisk, Rabbi Pascal brings his vast experience and halachic knowledge to lead the Halacha curriculum at Ahavas Bais Yaakov. As Rav of Khal Park Avenue in Clifton, a 12th grade Rebbi in Bais Yaakov of Passaic, and a maggid shiur for many years, Rabbi Pascal is well-known for his clear delivery, broad range of knowledge in all of shas and poskim, and his devotion to his students. Rabbi Pascal will be teaching Halacha at Ahavas Bais Yaakov.

Mrs Shana Adler, Student Life, Neviim Rishonim

Mrs. Shana Adler brings her passion, enthusiasm, and vast experience as a teacher and camp director to Ahavas Bais Yaakov. Mrs. Adler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Special Education. Mrs. Adler will bring school to life by implementing the various extracurricular and G.O. programs.

Mrs. Sarala Wilner, Mechaneches, Chumash, Tefilah

Mrs. Saralah Wilner is a graduate of Bais Yaakov of L.A. and BJJ Seminary. Her warmth and engaging personality has gained her the love, admiration and trust of her students and the parent body. Having taught Junior High in L.A. and Bais Yaakov Elementary, Mrs. Wilner is a seasoned Chumash teacher who builds her students’ skill sets while presenting the material in a highly engaging manner. We are excited to bring Mrs. Wilner on as our 9th grade mechaneches.

Mrs. Elisheva Grubner, Math

Originating from the west coast, Mrs. Elisheva Grubner graduated from Bais Yaakov L.A. and went on to attend Bnos Chava Seminary. Mrs. Grubner holds a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State University, and a Master's degree in Communication Disorders from Western Kentucky University. In addition to practicing Speech and Language therapy, Mrs. Grubner has indulged her passion for mathematics, tutoring elementary and high school students in higher math for more than a decade. Blessed with an easy going nature and sense of humor, Mrs. Grubner easily engages and connects with her students. Mrs. Grubner is excited to join the staff of Ahavas Bais Yaakov, and is eager to inspire our incoming 9th graders to pursue excellence in their math studies.

Mrs. Anat Pollack, Ivrit

Mrs. Anat Pollack is a seventh generation Israeli and was educated at Ulpanat Harav Baharan and Michlelet Orot. Mrs. Pollack served her Sheirut Leumi in the classroom, teaching Judaic Studies to secular youth. After moving to the United States, she obtained an undergraduate degree in Tanach from Touro College and a Masters degree in Modern Jewish History from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. In her classroom, Mrs. Pollack combines her love of Hebrew language and literature with her passion for teaching.

Mrs. Perele Perlow, Biology

With a Masters in Education, Mrs. Perlow's teaching experience spans all junior high and high school grades. She combines a strong passion for life sciences with a breadth of experience in both teaching and tutoring biology and nutrition. Her individualistic approach identifies student strengths, priming them for success on the Regents and beyond. Mrs. Perlow enjoys schmoozing with the girls and helping them acclimate to the high school environment.

Mrs. Sarah Mernick, History, Parsha

Mrs. Mernick brings a deep love of learning and a passion for teaching to Ahavas Bais Yaakov. She has taught in a variety of young adult and adult educational environments, as well as in kiruv settings. She holds an undergraduate degree in history from Columbia and a graduate degree in Jewish Studies from Harvard.

Mrs. Chana Miriam Tevlovits, Historia

A veteran teacher, Mrs. Tevlovits has taught in many schools throughout Monsey. Her love and passion for Historia brings the subject to life